Friday, 26 October 2012

A little bit 'Halloween'

A little bit 'Halloween'

For as long as I can remember i've really disliked high necklines (even on tshirts), for some reason they make me feel constricted or like i'm being choked (hence the mod on this dress), but almost ironically I feel naked if i'm not wearing a necklace or a scarf... good job i'm a jewellery designer then I suppose ;).

Orange is one of my favourite colours at the moment (though there's not really a bright colour I don't like to be fair) and paired with a deep violet is fabulous to me.

Also featuring some fabulous boots that give me some Ziggy Stardust nostalgic feelings, the ever wonderful (and essential... right?) cinch belt, some trippy sunglasses that I think Hunter S. Thompson would be proud of, a positively adorable Betsey Johnson bag and of course the finishing sparkly touch - VelvetVolcano 'BAT ATTACK' necklace.

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