Friday, 26 October 2012

Sugarpill / A is for Arsenic Competition Win & Review!

Hey gals and ghouls!

I've decided to delve back into the world of blogging and plan to actually keep at it this time!
It's a little bit daunting, as i'm sure other bloggers worry (please tell me you do ;) ) that we don't have anything interesting to say.. or that no-one will want to read it, but if you never try, you never know eh? ;) Hopefully blogging a little will make me feel more obliged to do something other than work all the time too ;).

So, for my first post I figured what better than to show you some eye candy I received recently...

 A while ago I won a competition with Sugarpill & A is for Arsenic, two companies who I really admire. I've been following (not in a creepy way.. promise!) Amy since her fairly early Shrinkle days and her style, business sense and overall fabulousness have been a big inspiration to me :). I came across Amelia Arsenic a while ago now too and ever since she's been a huge style inspiration for me, she always looks wicked :).

So I was pretty thrilled when I discovered that I was Amelia's pick in their Polyvore competition :D, here's my entry -
Valentine's with A is for Arsenic and Sugarpill #2

Ughh, that jacket is so gorgeous!


And here's what I won *eeeee!!!*

Sugarpill Bulletproof, Buttercupcake and Goldilux.

A is for Arsenic Serial Heartbreaker Spiked Gold Necklace


 Now, I have a big love of little details, they're what makes a piece really special for me and both Sugarpill and A is for Arsenic have these :). So here's what I love about my prizes...

♥ Packaging ♥

My 'Serial Heartbreaker' necklace came in a black padded envelope (love this extra detail) and inside was this lovely red box (originally had a black band wrapped around the upper left and lower right corners to keep it shut, which is a very nifty idea!). Inside the red box was my necklace wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed with the fly sticker :). The box was also lined for extra safety :).

Andddd... the winner for cutest packaging ever goes to Sugarpill. I already have a couple of their eyeshadow's and kept the packaging because it's so gorgeous, but I think it's even better than last time with these :). There's so many little cute details that some may not notice, but I really appreciate like the difference in the detail printing (you may be able to see the 'Addicted to Pretty' part is shinier - I LOVE this, haha) and the adorable printed inside (anyone that follows VV will probably notice my continued obsession with hearts...).

Of course, it's not all just about the packaging...(but how cute is the Sugarpill packing box too?) here's the products themselves (which are equally lovely)..

 Bulletproof, Goldilux and Buttercupcake - as soon as I have the occasion (food shopping anyone..? :P ) i'll make sure to do a look with these and the necklace, unfortunately without that dress and jacket above :( (anyone feeling incredibly generous?)

Look at that adorable heart clasp!! (did I mention I love hearts? :P) the spikes look a little aggressive, but they have rounded off tips so they couldn't inflict TOO much damage. The chain is heavy, but not too heavy that it would cause my silly shoulders to ache - yey!
All round, it's all just rather delicious :D.

I hope you enjoyed my first post and aren't completely green with jealousy now, hehe!

I also apologise for so many brackets, I think at about 1 million miles per hour and they seem like the best way to express that, haha.

I hope you're all well gals and ghouls, see ya next time!






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