Tuesday, 23 April 2013

VelvetVolcano Loves.... Sugar & Vice! xoxo

So, i'm a big blog deserter.. I find it really difficult to write about what i'm up to.. or really anything about myself, haha. So I figured the best way to get myself into blogging is to write about other people! :D

This is the first of a series (long-running, possibly forever ;) ) of 'VelvetVolcano Loves...' where i'll feature people, brands and other bits and bobs that i'm loving or that I think are totally rad.

To get me started, I can't think of anything / anyone better than Sugar & Vice, run by the lovely Sarah & Matt. I must say, I absolutely adore most if not all of Sugar & Vice's products, they're the kind of things that I wish I had made - if that makes any sense :). They're wonderful :).

Here's some of my faves from their website / etsy store (there are a lot)

 They're all next on my list ;). But I have these lovelies in my collection so far...

This was my first S&V purchase as i'm a HUGE Buffy fan/nerd :). I wear it all the time.
It's a red mirror acrylic and the 'Buffy' logo has been engraved into it. Love it! :D
And these are my most recent goodies from S&V..
Green Acrylic 'T'
VelvetVolcano logo (isn't this awesome, Sarah did such a great job with it! :D - check out more of their custom work on facebook and instagram), Glitter acrylic bone necklace (this is currently my most worn piece, I feel like Pebbles Flinstone ;) ) and the Dia De Los Muertos Necklace

So with all those fab goodies, a new apparel range and much more on their site, you should definitely check them out :D.

Find Sugar & Vice here:
Website - http://www.sugarandvicedesigns.com/
Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/shop/sugarandvicedesigns
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugar-Vice/37992071492?fref=ts
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Sugar_and_Vice
Instagram - @sugar_and_vice

Lots of love gals and ghouls!



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