Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Do Animals Grieve?

A really fantastic video from 'Bite Size Vegan' Emily asking (and answering) the important question... Do Animals Grieve?



Friday, 20 March 2015

'Beyond The Grave' by VelvetVolcano

'Beyond The Grave' by VelvetVolcano

Summer - Pastel

Summer - Dark

Summer - Bright


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

VelvetVolcano 'Cute Creatures'

Monday, 2 March 2015

She's a Devil Woman

She's a Devil Woman

Tripp skinny jeans
£27 -

Iron Fist red boots
£47 -

Barrel bag
£23 -

Memento gothic jewelry
£210 -

Retro sunglasses
£14 -

Clips hair clip
£9.07 -


£9.32 -

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

VelvetVolcano Loves.... Sugar & Vice! xoxo

So, i'm a big blog deserter.. I find it really difficult to write about what i'm up to.. or really anything about myself, haha. So I figured the best way to get myself into blogging is to write about other people! :D

This is the first of a series (long-running, possibly forever ;) ) of 'VelvetVolcano Loves...' where i'll feature people, brands and other bits and bobs that i'm loving or that I think are totally rad.

To get me started, I can't think of anything / anyone better than Sugar & Vice, run by the lovely Sarah & Matt. I must say, I absolutely adore most if not all of Sugar & Vice's products, they're the kind of things that I wish I had made - if that makes any sense :). They're wonderful :).

Here's some of my faves from their website / etsy store (there are a lot)

 They're all next on my list ;). But I have these lovelies in my collection so far...

This was my first S&V purchase as i'm a HUGE Buffy fan/nerd :). I wear it all the time.
It's a red mirror acrylic and the 'Buffy' logo has been engraved into it. Love it! :D
And these are my most recent goodies from S&V..
Green Acrylic 'T'
VelvetVolcano logo (isn't this awesome, Sarah did such a great job with it! :D - check out more of their custom work on facebook and instagram), Glitter acrylic bone necklace (this is currently my most worn piece, I feel like Pebbles Flinstone ;) ) and the Dia De Los Muertos Necklace

So with all those fab goodies, a new apparel range and much more on their site, you should definitely check them out :D.

Find Sugar & Vice here:
Website -
Etsy -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram - @sugar_and_vice

Lots of love gals and ghouls!